Bihar: BJP leader makes veiled attack on Nitish Kumar

Patna (Bihar) : In a veiled attack on Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sanjay Paswan on Saturday said that “some people are high on arrogance assuming that Bihar is functioning because of them”.

“Some people are high on arrogance reeling under the dream that Bihar is functioning because of them. They should learn simplicity from Bhola Paswan Shastri,” Paswan said during an event commemorating former Chief Minister Shastri’s 105th birth anniversary.

“Today’s politicians have become shameless. Some of them feel that they are the paragons of virtue,” he added.

Nitish Kumar on Friday said that there is “no discord” in the BJP-JDU alliance, slamming rumours about friction between the two parties ahead of the Assembly elections in Bihar next year.

“I am targetted only because some people want publicity, it makes them happy. But I work for making people of Bihar happy,” the chief minister said while addressing JDU party leaders.

“There is no discord in our alliance. Those who are trying to create problems will see their fate after the elections,” he said.