Bihar: 55 YO Muslim man lynched to death over alleged cattle theft

Araria, Bihar: In yet another Lynching incident reported, a 55-year-old Muslim man was mercilessly lynched to death by a frenzied mob of around 300 over suspicion of cattle theft in Bihar’s Araria District.

The incident took place in the last week of December 29 in Simarbani village which is about 300 km from Pata where a man identified as Kabul Miyan a former village head was brutally beaten in the face and thrashed using sticks until he lay lifeless on the ground, NDTV reports.

The attack was allegedly carried out by Muslim Miyan can be heard laughing and encouraging people to continue thrashing the victim despite his repeated pleas and begging that he had no reason to steal anybody’s cattle.

The mob also removed the victim’s pants as they mercilessly thrashed him till he breathed his last.

According to reports, the accused Muslim Miyan had earlier filed a case of cattle theft against the victim.

The police learned about the mob violence two days after the incident occurred and after the videos went viral on the internet.

According to KP Singh, Sub-Divisional Police Officer, Araria, all assailants of the mob violence were known to the victim and were of the same community.

The police have filed an FIR against unknown persons and are now looking for the main accused.