Big Boss 12: Sreesanth’s fan threatens Dipika Kakar Ibrahim of acid attack

MUMBAI: After a three-month-long journey, the 12th season of ‘Bigg Boss‘ concluded with the announcement of Dipika Kakar Ibrahim as the winner while Sreesanth became the first runner-up of the show.

In the latest development, a Twitter user, claiming to be Sreesanth’s fan threatened to throw acid on Dipika, the Bigg Boss 12 winner.

The tweet read, ‘Kitna ghaitya aurat hai ye makki tu ekbar live re devorcy aurat tujhe kitna troll karenge tujhe pata nehi tera dipstar ne had kardi saree bohut bura kaha abhi tera personal life pe hum attack karenge dek lena tu aur main Mumbai main hun agar tu mujhe dik Jaye acid fekke marunga.’

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The post has been shared by ‘Team Dipika Kakar’ on Twitter. They also tweeted about it to the Mumbai police demanding the arrest of the person responsible for the tweet.

“Dear @MumbaiPolice this guy is threatening to throw acid on lady…Please arrest him early as possible. Please RT and Spread so this post can reach to @MumbaiPolice,” the tweet read.

Soon after Dipika’s victory, a major debate erupted on social media criticizing the television actress for “being fake” on the show being chosen over Sreesanth as the winner.