Big Boss 11 : Hina, Shilpa join hands to remove Vikas from Captaincy task

Mumbai : In the Big Boss 11 House, After Hiten Tejwani’s eviction has changed many things in the house. Strong contender of the house facing emotional meltdowns. Hina, Shilpa join hands to remove Vikas from Captaincy task. As Fight between Arshi and Shipla continues in the house, Shilpa broke down last night in the washroom after an ugly argument with Arshi. She regretted her decision to come to the show. She however consoled herself by saying she had met even worse people outside and was capable of dealing with any situation.

According to article published in India Today, The friendship Hina and Priyank is getting affected due to Priyank joined hands with Vikas Gupta in the game and assured to help him in every way possible. Hina told Priyank that if he wanted to support Vikas, then he needs to stop supporting her, and they would be friends nevertheless. She also expressed her surprise over Priyank’s changed attitude towards Vikas since Hiten’s eviction. Priyank later confided in Luv saying–in a way Hina had asked him to choose between the two.

The argument started after Luv found a note in the washroom written by Vikas Gupta with a pink nail polish that read–“I had planned it. I let him go. I had to choose between you and him,” exposing Vikas’ plan to save Priyank.

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Hina then went to Shilpa with the correct version of the story and revealed that how Priyank is scared of Vikas because after getting out of the house, he has to work with Vikas.

In the end of BB farm task, Priyank becomes the contender for captaincy and joined Hina Khan in the race. In the task, Hina and her team have definitely performed brilliantly and once again proved their loyalty for each other.