Bid to convert 500 yr old Masjid into temple foiled

It must be recalled that a report was published in Siasat Daily regarding the beautiful Masjid of Mujahedpur Lake located at Pargi, Rangareddy, which stated that some miscreants were trying to smuggle the precious black stone of mihrab (niche) and minbar (pulpit) of the Qutub Shahi masjid to foreign countries. It is said that the black stone embedded in the mihrab of the 500 year old ancient masjid is worth crores of rupees in international market. Some Muslims including president Deccan Waqf Protection Society Mr. Osman bin Mohammed Alhajari on the direction of Mr. Zahed Ali Khan brought Waqf Board officials into action. They visited the masjid and began offering prayers. Muslims still offer five times prayers in the masjid. After smugglers it is now communal elements’ turn who are eying on the masjid.

According to locals and Mr. Osman Al-Hajari, two days ago communal elements tried to declare the masjid as temple by erecting saffron flag on its tomb. Locals informed Osman Hajari who made representation with Special Officer Waqf Board Mr. Jalaluddin Akber and CEO Mohammed Asadullah Baig. Police immediately sprung into action and removed the saffron flag after inspecting the masjid. However after two hours the miscreants again erected the flag on masjid tomb. Mr. Osman Al-Hajari informed Mr. Zahed Ali Khan again local police sprung into action and removed saffron flag. Presently police picket has been deployed on the spot.

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