Bicycle is now obsolete and elephant old: Rajnath Singh

AZAMGARH: Union Home minister Rajnath Singh today blamed SP and BSP for the dismal states of affairs of Uttar Pradesh and said the ‘bicycle’ has become obsolete, while the ‘elephant’ has grown old.

“SP, BSP and Congress have pushed UP into a pool of mud, and it is out of this pool of mud that the lotus will eventually bloom,” he said at an election rally here.

He said several allegations of corruption have been levelled against ministers in SP and BSP governments, but not a single charge was ever made against any BJP minister or chief minister or even a leader.

Questioning UP CM Akhilesh Yadav’s ‘Kaam Bolta Hai’ (performance speaks aloud), Rajnath, referring to the election symbols of the SP and BSP, said, “The ‘bicycle’ has become defunct, while the ‘elephant’ has grown old.”

“Akhilesh’s logic is that he has not been able to perform because of his father and uncle. Despite this, he says, ‘Kaam Bolta Hai.’ In other words, it means ‘chit bhi meri, patt bhi
meri’ (heads I win, tails you lose).”

Rajnath also attacked Congress for first holding khaat sabha to raise voice against the state government, but later embracing the SP and “sharing the cot.”

“They have failed to understand that khaats (cots) are meant for sleeping, and not for holding any sabha (meeting),” he said.

Enumerating Modi government’s achievements, Singh said surgical strikes were an important milestone. “We always wanted to have good relationship with our neighbours, and hence during the oath taking ceremony of PM Modi, the Heads of States of neighbouring countries including Nawaz Sharif were invited.”

He said Sharif was invited not for a symbolic hand-shake, but to forge a strong bond between the two neighbours.

“The Centre has told the Army not to violate the ceasefire, but if even a single bullet comes from the other side (Pakistan), we will not hesitate in giving a befitting reply,” Singh said.

Rajnath also mentioned that BJP never indulges in dividing the society, but is working to build the society.