Bhopal’s Javed Khan converts auto into ambulance to help Covid patients

Bhopal: With many facing shortages of beds, oxygen and ambulances amid the devastating second wave of COVID-19 pandemic, Javed Khan — an auto driver in Bhopal — has turned his three-wheeler into an ambulance-like vehicle and is providing the service free of cost.

Mr Khan’s auto is equipped with necessary things like an oxygen cylinder, a PPE kit, sanitizer and an oximeter.

“I saw a lot on social media, WhatsApp and news channels that several people are forced to carry their relatives on the shoulder or pull them on carts due to unavailability of ambulances. That is when I thought I could do something for humanity,” Mr Khan told news agency ANI.

“I sold my wife’s gold necklace for ₹ 5,000 and bought an oxygen cylinder to turn this auto into an ambulance. I refuel the auto with my money,” he further said.

Talking about how he manages to procure oxygen when the whole country is facing an oxygen crisis, he said, “There is a factory in Govindpura. We get oxygen refilled from there. It is a tedious task as we have to stand in the line for 4-5 hours. The cost of refilling the oxygen cylinders ranges from ₹ 450-550.”

Mr Khan has been providing this service for the last 15-20 days in Bhopal.

“It is completely free. I have shared my mobile number on social media platforms – 7999909494. Whoever is in trouble and is not able to get an ambulance, can call me. I am ready to help people 24 hours,” Mr Khan said.