Bhopal: Man commits suicide over wife’s refusal to give TV remote

Bhopal: A 30-year-old man committed suicide in Ashoka Garden area of Bhopal after his wife refused to give him TV remote, the police said.

Shankar Vishwakarma after having dinner with his family on Saturday, started watching TV with them.

“When he asked for the TV remote, his wife refused and told him that he should take rest instead. He went into another room and hanged himself from the ceiling,” the police officer said, HT reported.

Investigating officer assistant sub-inspector of police (ASI) Amar Singh said, Shankar Vishwakarma worked at a small hotel and did not leave any suicide letter. His wife found his dead body hanging from the ceiling.

Shankar’s family told police that he was an alcoholic and would get upset over small issues.

A case under section 174 of CrPC (pertaining to suicide investigation) had been lodged while a further probe is on.