Bhopal to build crematorium for cows

Bhopal: India’s first crematorium for cows will soon be built in Bhopal, informed Mayor Alok Sharma on Thursday.

Bhopal Municipal Corporation is now looking for a piece of land for the construction of the crematorium.

Meanwhile, Animal Husbandry Minister Lakhan Singh has also directed officials to commence a drive to clear the city off stray cattle.

He has also warned the officials that the management of stray cows should be done with full sympathy. This move by the corporation is expected to bring some relief to the commuters who often become a victim of stray cows causing road accidents.

Moreover, for the safety of the animal, temporary cowsheds (gaushalas) will also be set up in villages, highways, panchayats, and municipalities across the region.

In the Congress election manifesto for Madhya Pradesh, an increase in grants for cow welfare and better facilities for stray cows had also featured.