Bhopal: Animals beat the heat with coolers

Bhopal, (Madhya Pradesh): To help the animals beat the extreme heat, coolers and hay curtains have been installed in animal enclosures in Bhopal’s Van Vihar National Park to help them beat the heat.

In order to ensure no change in the behavioural pattern, sprinklers have been installed near the resting places of bears, and tigers.

” We have provided coolers in the animal enclosures and traditional khas khas (Hay) curtains have also been installed. This helps the animal cool off,” said Director, Van Vihar National Park, Sunita Rajaura.

“Shades have been constructed near the water bodies to help the animals avoid the extreme heat,” she added.

The management is also changing the diets accordingly, and the medical staff has been kept on alert.(ANI)