Bhatti thanks Rahul, vows to work efficiently

Hyderabad: The newly appointed CLP leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka here on Saturday thanked Congress president Rahul Gandhi for appointing him to the post. He assured that he would take every MLA of the party along with him and work hard to reflect the aspirations and dreams of the people in the State Assembly as CLP leader.

Bhatti also said he would strive to exert pressure on the State government to solve public problems. Vikramarka said they would fight for the fulfillment of promises made by the TRS State government to the people before the Assembly elections. He said the Governor’s address did not have any new thing. He alleged that all the promises made by the State government were also made in the past.

Bhatti said it would have been good if the state government spoke truth about the unemployed youth of the State while noting there was no Clarity on the provision of enhanced pension and unemployment wage. He mocked that the speech of the Governor was like the speech delivered in a public meeting. Vikramarka hoped that the State government would run the House in a democratic manner.

Commenting on the news reports of defections from his party, Vikramarka alleged that the ruling party was playing a mind game and made it clear no Congress MLA could be lured by the ruling party.