‘Does Constitution say follow Islam, read Quran?’ Baba Ramdev to Owaisi

After Clarifying his ‘beheading’ remark over Bharat Mata ki Jai row, Yoga guru Ramdev has strongly lashed out at AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi, saying “Does Constitution of India say to follow Islam and read Quran.”

During an interview to News Nation channel Ramdev said that, “Owaisi had said that he won’t say Bharat Mata ki Jai as Constitution of India doesn’t say so.

“It’s wrong to give provocative statements and hate speeches. Does Constitution of India say to follow Islam and read Quran,” he asks.

Earlier while addressing a press conference, Ramdev said insulting religions like Islam or Christianity would be as “idiotic” as Owaisi’s remark. “I believe in non-violence, coexistence and oneness. It would be wrong to say that behead me but I won’t respect the Quran or the Bible. I take pride in my religion but that does not give me the licence to insult other faiths. That would be as idiotic as Owaisi.