Bhajan maestro Anoop Jalota says he will never perform in Pakistan

Indore: Renowned bhajan singer Anoop Jalota on Wednesday told in Indore that he would never perform in Pakistan because it supported terrorism.

“I took a vow that I will never go to Pakistan to sing. Terrorists come to our country from there and kill our people, why should I entertain the citizens of that country,” he said.

“I turn down every invitation from Pakistan. I have never visited that country to give a concert and will not go in future also. If I feel like visiting Lahore, I will go to Pakistan, but will never go there to sing,” the 63 years old singer said.

The Pakistani artists who come to India for work should ask their rulers to stop sending terrorists to India, Jalota said.

To a question, Jalota condemned attack on the Bollywood director Sanjay Leela Bhansali at Jaipur by a local outfit during the shooting of his film.

To object to a film’s content even before its release was not justified, he said.