Beyonce asks JayZ to sign new post-nup with no cheating clause

Pop star Beyonce has reportedly asked her husband Jay Z to sign a new post-nuptial which includes a cheating clause.

Beyonce, 34 and the 46-year-old rapper’s marriage has hit a rough patch in recent years because of his alleged infidelity, but now the diva has seemingly found a way to make sure that her husband won’t be unfaithful anymore, reported HollywoodLife.

Beyonce once left Jay Z and he made some effort to win her back. The mother of one agreed to forgive him, but under one condition. He had to promise that he would never cheat on her again.

“Jay Z really thought he was going to lose Beyonce. She did leave him and got her own place for a while, but he managed to win her back with a lot of begging a lot of promises,” a source said.

“She knows money talks when it comes to Jay and the word is she made him sign a whole new pre-nup (post-nup) when she agreed to take him back,” the source added.

“Supposedly there’s a cheating clause in it that gives her more than half his fortune, he’ll be left with practically nothing if she catches him cheating and decides to divorce him, if that doesn’t make him keep his pants on nothing will.”

Beyonce recently released her surprise album “Lemonade” in which she told a story about a cheating man, which was presumably her husband.

In her song called “Sorry”, the singer said that the man had an affair with “Becky with the good hair.”

People have since linked the lyrics to some famous names like Rita Ora and Rachel Roy, alleging them to be the rapper’s mistresses.