Beware of messages in the name of friendship—Don’t get cheated

Hyderabad: Mobile users are receiving a number of messages nowadays seeking your friendship and chatting. From the reports appearing in the media of late, one can easily presume that some unscrupulous elements are out to cheat you in the name of friendship, by chatting with you in a sweet and convincing manner, gain your confidence and then start collecting money from you in different ways. So, one should be cautious and aware of the mechanizations of the fraudsters.
Keeping in view the instances of frauds, the BSNL has advised its customers not to respond/callback to missed calls from unknown international numbers prefix other than +91 or calls about winning prizes or Lottery etc.

The fraudsters are sending different types of messages to lure one to respond to their messages. One message says: Naughty, salty, sweet and cute friends are online. Start chat with them and remove your loneliness, Call 556786620. Another message says: New friends are waiting for your call, Just call 56300667. Yet another cunning message says: Your profile has been admitted by many friends. So call and chat with them. Call 5630066. Another message says: Gift yourself the precious bond of friendship. Call 5630037 and make true friends. Another says: Make your life interesting with new friends. Call 56300880. Yet another message says; I know you want to say something to me. Don’t feel shy and share your feelings with me. Call me on 54000319 now.

Needless to say, these messages are aimed at cheating you in one way or the other. So, it is always better to ignore them and delete them immediately. Once you answer, God knows how they would defraud you. So beware of False Calls in the name of Friendship. One wonders whether these persons who are sending messages are not able to have friends in their places of living and in their workplaces. (NSS)