Hyderabad: You may be garlanded for urinating in open

Hyderabad: Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has initiated novel drive against people urinating or defecating in public. Since the drive was taken up GHMC has imposed penalty against 3,500 persons during the past one week. After the earlier efforts to impose penalties on such defaulters turned futile, the GHMC staff on Sunday, adopted ‘Gandhigiri’, and garlanded the people who were found urinating in the open and not making use of the civic urinals.

Special drives were conducted at the bus stops near Kothi, Sultan Bazaar, Chaderghat and Putlibowli. The Civil staff caught altogether seven men engaged in the act and garlanded and clapped for them. Some of the defaulters fled the scene on seeing the staff with garlands in their hands. Adding to their embarrassment the civic staff also tried to click pictures of the garlanding “ceremony”.

As per the GHMC Act, officials can impose a fine of Rs 200 for open defecation or open urination.