Beware: This ‘Hoax’ Rohingya Rumors doing WhatsApp rounds

Bhopal: There seems no end to hoax WhatsApp rumours after the organ robbers which led to lynching in various parts of India and now a new chilling one “armed Rohingyas on the prowl” is doing internet rounds in Madhya Pradesh.

The hoax rumour widely circulated in Indore and Bhopal reads as: “Don’t open the door at night if you hear babies crying. Groups of 15 to 20 armed Rohingyas are roaming around the city with women and babies. They can come any time after 2am. When you hear a baby crying, please don’t open the door. Please pass this message to all groups,” TOI reported.

Now the message is signed as “Bhopal CSP” making it sound something like a genuine police alert while the other one read an “advisory by Indore CSP” in Malwa region.

Now after the wide lynching’s reported over the past few years due to hoax messages circulated on social media, the Police have not yet issued any alert.

“I don’t now where it has come from. We will issue a release against such rumours,” said DIG Dharmendra Chaudhary.

A video footage of a woman police officer warning people against ‘crying baby ruse’ widely being circulated is believed to be originated from Jharkhand or Odisha.