Beware of ‘Friends’, ‘Female friends’ —SMSs on Mobile

Cyber frauds are on the increase now a days, as reports in the newspapers suggest, in the name of Winning a Lottery of Huge amount, Matrimonial alliance, Jobs in reputed companies and Banks, etc.


New, another way of  SMS are coming on the Mobile in the name of friendship, new female friends, etc. and people should be aware of the consequences of answering such Messages and ‘making friends’.  Here are some messages, received now a days:  New Female friends, New Feelings, New Ways, New chatting only on New Number.  Call 56330088 or some other number.  Another SMS says: The most Romantic person is now in your Town.  Talk mow at 57677866 or some other Number.   Yet another message reads: I hope I told you my new Number 563300335 (or some other number) because I am waiting for your call. But did not receive your call.  Hope you remember you.


Yet another SMS reads as: Looking for some fun loving  and adventurous  friends.  Get some amazing friends only here. Call me.. (some number).

In these days of frauds and cheating, one does not know  what these ‘friends’ really do when you respond to them and start chatting and revealing your details.  Beware. (NSS)