Beware of Fraudsters; Don’t Get Lured by Offer of Huge Amounts

Here is a caution to the people.  Unscrupulous elements are cheating the people, including educated ones, by many ways, by luring them with offers of huge amounts.  Nigerian crimes and cyber crime are on the increase, apart from job offer scams, despite repeated warnings by the police and other authorities concerned.

        Don’t be lured by messages on your Mobile saying that ‘Your Mobile Number has Won Rs.10 crore (or equivalent in other country’s currency) in Coca-co-La (or some other reputed company’s name) Promo.  For claiming the amount Send Your Name/Age/Address/ Sex, etc.  Email

       The amount quoted is a huge one and it is aimed at luring you and making you part with some amounts in the name of Processing charges, Transit Charges, Bank Charges, etc.   Don’t disclose the details of your name, address, etc., and don’t become a victims to the frauds of cheats.

      Similarly, another kind of message says : MMM India 100 Percent Per Month.  Contribute Rs.1000 INR- In a month, it will turb into Rs.2000, in two months 4000 and so on.  For details, contact or call 0211205000.  This kind of messages are also aimed at cheating you.   Nobody could turn 1000 rupees into 2000 in one month , 4000 in two months and so on. 

     Many other types of messages are being received on the Mobiles now a days.  Beware of Fraudsters and Cheats.  (NSS)