Beware! Your fast-food may have ‘Pig Fat Oil’, Hyderabad police expose

HYDERABAD: It is bad news for all those who rely on cheap junk food to satiate their hunger as oil extracted from PIG FAT is being supplied to the fast-food chains across Hyderabad City, police said.

According to Times of India report, authorities raided the secret pig factories located in the vicinity of the Rama Krishna Puram (RK Puram) Lake canal and arrested one Mithilesh Kumar in the case.

The city police during raid at Neredmet found carcass of pigs and rotten fat.

The sleuths also seized about 540 litres of oil and suspect that the refined substance is being supplied to the City’s fast-food joints.

The 37-year-old accused who is engaged in extraction of oil from animal waste by boiling the animal’s fat told the police that they had been huge demand for the oil in the manufacture of soap and even massage parlours demand the pig fat oil.

The police said they were more such unauthorised piggeries exist around the lakes.

“There are more than five temporary and permanent structures where the oil was prepared. There are around 30 families near the lake who breed pigs and sell the pig waste to vendors who extract oil from the waste,” an official probing the case told TOI.

The illegal slaughtering of pigs causes severe pollution due to animal waste dumping into the lakes and also became a breeding spot for mosquitoes and flies.