Beware of fake Rs.2000 and Rs.500 currency notes in Ramadan sale rush

Hyderabad: During the Ramadan sale rush, the deceivers are active. They are targeting small traders like ‘Thela Bandi’ vendors by giving them fake notes of Rs.2000 and Rs.500.

It may be mentioned that after the demonetization, there is a heavy rush in the purchase of small items from petty traders during Ramadan. It is essential for small traders to check these notes since they are coming across the heavy currency notes for the first time.

The traders say that so far, they have not come across fake Rs.2000 notes but the use of Rs.500 fake currency notes is on the increase. There are complaints that after the demonetization in November 2016, fake currency notes are being issued from a few ATMs.

Small traders must be careful while accepting these notes as it is difficult to discriminate between the genuine and fake currency notes.

–Siasat News