Betrayed by Hindu voters, man want to revert his whole family to Islam

Bijnor: A man from Bijnor along with his family has announced his religious conversion to Islam.

The man named Harpal Singh after losing the gram pradhan election was upset by his community not voting for him therefore, wants to convert to Islam; the decision which shock the whole village

According to report, the area had 1300 voters of which 800 were Muslims and 500 Hindus. The Hindu community promised to Harpal to vote for him but ditched him on the polling day.

The issue is from Bijnor’s where a man named Harpal Singh contested in the village pradhan election and lost. Since then, the man is upset by his community not voting for him.

Harpal wants to convert to Islam saying, if he hasn’t got the support of his community, there is no point staying with them.

Dishearten by the villager’s behavior, Harpal announced that he along with 13 family members will soon convert to Islam.