Best endpoint security products for enterprises


Updated: Jul 14, 2018 11:48 IST

New Delhi [India], July 14 (ANI): In this digital age, enterprises today are haunted by various attacks aimed at their data security and integrity. Various reports have mentioned India being ranked amongst the top nations facing cyber threats.The risk spans across enterprises of varying size and scale and thus, ensuring security is another crucial task that the enterprises must be prepared for. Opting for an endpoint security service provider can take this burden away from enterprises, whilst benefiting them with advanced security protocols and features.To the same end, let’s take a look at top five endpoint security products, ready to safeguard enterprises of today:Seqrite Endpoint SecuritySeqrite is a brand to reckon amidst the expansive cyber threats gnawing at the enterprises. Its Seqrite Endpoint Security offers a complete, fully integrated solution for enterprises to resolve their security challenges. With Seqrite, enterprises can expect to have advanced technologies like Anti-Ransomware, Behavioral Detection System and Advanced DNA Scan to protect the network from sophisticated and advanced cyber threats. Latest and advanced features like Asset Management, Advanced Device Control, Web Filtering, Data Loss Prevention, Patch Management, Vulnerability Scan and a lot more become available to enterprises with Seqrite End Point Security.Symantec Endpoint ProtectionA security software suite, Symantec Endpoint Protection comprises anti-malware, intrusion prevention and firewall features for enterprises to safeguard both, desktop computers and servers. Servers running on Windows, Linux or macOS can install this endpoint protection. The software suite has evolved over the years to offer the latest security features of enterprises. As of 2018, Version 14 is available for enterprises.Kaspersky – Endpoint Security for BusinessWith business operations going digital, enterprises must secure every PC, server and mobile device. Kaspersky offers a singular solution to help businesses protect every end point. The solution prepares businesses against latest threats like ransomware, while hardening the endpoints to minimize exposure to cyber threats. Diverse environments like PC, Linux, Android, Mac and iOS can be protected with this solution. It offers a unified console for enterprises to simplify security management.McAfee Endpoint SecurityThis solution keeps an agile security by integrating multiple technologies spanning the Defence lifecycle and provides a centralized management console to enterprises. With McAfee, businesses get advanced features in antivirus, firewall, exploit prevention, and web control. By deploying machine learning and state-of-the-art technologies, the solution identified malicious codes via static and behavioral attributes.Trend MicroAs the business world keeps evolving, the signature-based technologies alone wouldn’t suffice to give enterprises the edge in security. XGen™ security by Trend Micro offers enterprises the required edge and complete security against sophisticated threats of today, enabling the enterprises to safeguard their users and corporate information. Packing advanced techniques like high fidelity machine learning, exploit protection, behavioral analysis, Trend Micro protects enterprises against various Ransomware attacks like WannaCry, intrusion prevention, command and control blocking, file reputation, browser exploit protection and more. (ANI)


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