Bernard Tomic calls Tennis Australia ‘corrupt’

Johannesburg: In a scathing attack, controversial Australian tennis star Bernard Tomic has accused Tennis Australia of being “corrupt” after he was rebuffed from their Davis Cup team.

Recently, former world number one Lleyton Hewitt had stated that it is “highly doubtful” that Tomic would ever play in the Davis Cup again as he has had a history of misbehaving off-court.

“I don’t care what Lleyton said. I never lost to him”, Sport24 quoted Tomic as saying.

The 25-year-old tennis star slammed Tennis Australia and said that something isn’t going right in the institution.

He said, “It’s up to only them to fix…we have a few wrong people in that organisation and I hope that can change and I hope the best players can be playing Davis Cup again”.

Tomic claimed that the Australian team could not win the Davis Cup without him.

“The important thing is that there’s a reason why I played Davis Cup and there’s a reason why my record stands that good. I stand by my call. They know they can’t win without me and I know they can’t win without me”, the three-time ATP winner said.

Tomic, who had represented himself as the youngest ever player for Australia in Davis Cup in 2010, hasn’t had the greatest of forms recently.

After failing to qualify for the season-opening Australian Open, Tomic, who was in the top 20 about one and a half years back, has slipped to 168 in the world ranking.