Bengaluru: Woman fights back assualtor, hands him to Police

Bengaluru: A brave 25-year-old software engineer fought back her molester who tried to strip her on road near her house in Bengaluru’s Kundalahalli and handed him over to the Police.

The woman could manage to restrain him from hurting and with the help of locals handed over the accused to the Marathahalli Police, Times Now reported.

According to reports, the woman who had gone for a walk around 9.15 pm was chased and attacked by the accused. He pushed her on to the ground and tried to strip her shirt but she managed to restrain him by punching him harder and shouting for help.

The accused who ran away was followed and caught by her and another local passer-by.

The police officials said the accused who is a bartender claimed to not remember anything about the incident and was in an inebriated state.

Though the accused denied, Police officials have filed a case under section -354, of the Indian Penal Code (assault to outrage the modesty of a woman).