Bengaluru tops dynamic city list, beats Dubai, Silicon Valley, Shanghai, London

Bengaluru: Bangalore has been rated the most dynamic city in the world by the City Momentum Index (CMI), drawn up by a professional services and investment management firm JLL.

India has snatched the lead from China as home to some of the world’s fastest-changing cities, taking six of the top 30, compared with China’s five, revealed the report, which was part of the ongoing World Economic Forum summit in Davos.

For the first time Bengaluru has moved to the top slot, while five other Indian cities have also featured in the CMI Global Top 30.

1. Bangalore (India)
2. Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
3. Silicon Valley (USA)
4. Shanghai (China)
5. Hyderabad (India)
6. London (UK)
7. Hanoi (Vietnam)
8. Austin (USA)
9. Boston (USA)
10. Nairobi (Kenya)
11. Dubai (UAE)
12. Melbourne (Australia)
13. Pune (India)
14. New York (USA)
15. Beijing (China)
16. Sydney (Australia)
17. Chennai (India)
18. Paris (France)
19. Manila(Philippines)
20. Seattle (USA)
21. San Francisco (USA)
22. Shenzhen (China)
23. Delhi (India)
24. Raleigh Durham (USA)
25. Mumbai (India)
26. Hangzhou (China)
27. Los Angeles (USA)
28. Dublin (Ireland)
29. Nanjing (China)
30. Stockholm (Sweden)