Bengaluru techie, arrested for hoax calls, has confessed to killing his wife: Police

Bengaluru: A techie from Bengaluru has reportedly confessed to murdering his wife.

Gokul Machery, in his early 30s, had earlier been arrested for making hoax calls about bombs on international flights.

As per reports, city police chief NS Megharikh confirmed the same on Monday.

Gokul was earlier arrested for allegedly phoning airport officials.

He has been accused of sending WhatsApp messages claiming security threats to international flights which were to leave from from Bengaluru and Delhi.

In his messages to the Kempegowda International Airport here, he had claimed that bombs been planted in three international flights.

Security checks were carried out leading to the delay of the flights.

KIA Terminal Manager on duty had received messages on Whatssapp from a local mobile number, threatening to blast three flights with specific details besides the airport cargo section.

The threat that also mentioned about “Islamic state wins” and “get ready to see the firework above sea today,” had created a scare at the KIA.

As the threat was specific in nature pertaining to the flights Lufthansas (LH-755) and Saudi Arabiain Airlines (SV-5643), the two flights which were on the ground were immediately vacated and thoroughly checked and cleared to fly subsequently, police said.

However, one flight of Air France (AF-191) which had already taken off an hour back was called back, passengers de-boarded and the whole flight was thoroughly checked before it was cleared to fly again.

Initial inquires by the police have revealed that Gokul used a phone registered in the name of a friend.

He was allegedly in love with that friend’s wife.

He wanted the police to initiate an inquiry against his friend and defame him so that he could get closer to his wife, police said.

Both lived in the same apartment complex.

During questioning, Gokul Machery said he had fatally assaulted his wife in July, police said. He had bought liquor which his wife had consumed and after a verbal argument regarding shifting back to Delhi, he pushed and assaulted her with a blunt weapon causing her death, they said, as per PTI.

Gokul informed his neighbours that his wife was consuming alcohol and he fell asleep and later found his wife dead. He claimed that she slipped and hit her head on the TV stand accidentally.

Police had then registered a case of unnatural death at Madiwala Police station.

Gokul was today produced in a court which remanded him to police custody for two weeks.