Bengaluru roads: A nightmare to the locals!

Bengaluru: In spite of housing a major lot of techie companies from all over the world, the city falls short of providing a good infrastructure as the roads have become a nightmare for the commuters.

Narasimha Murthy, a human rights activist, said: “White topping of the roads is a threat in itself as the concrete would not set the ground level of the water. We had also staged protests regarding the same but the former government pushed people’s money into the project. Currently, all the major roads are dug up which causes such traffic congestions where even an ambulance cannot move swiftly.”

The white topping of the roads which was started by Siddaramaiah government in 2016-17 could not be completed.

“These roads are in horrible condition as they don’t even have proper pavements. The ministers and their secretaries need to come here and watch the difficulty faced by common people like us who pay heavy taxes to the government and get this in return,” said techie Sanjay.

The roads are lying in a pathetic condition, which can be detrimental to anybody’s well being, who takes up the road without observing proper caution.

The present government headed by Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa has ordered an inquiry about the white topping of the roads, which is suspected to be followed by corruption in the related projects. The third phase of the white topping has been halted for the same reason.

The majority of the roads constructed across the city have developed potholes due to halted construction, leaving the commuters flustered.