Bengaluru: Muslim family attacked by Gau Rakshak on Eid

Bengaluru: India’s Silicon Valley faced this incident for the first time, where in so-called ‘cow protecters’ allegedly attacked a Muslim family in the city’s Bannerghatta area.

The family had gathered in their farm house to slaughter a sacrificial animal at around 2 PM when a gang of around 300 goons forcefully entered their house, and attacked them, including women.

According to a report published in, Saad, a family friend said that, a family member, who was recording the attack on his phone was slapped by the miscreants and also tried to snatch his phone away.

According to Saad, the family who went to lodge a complaint with the Bannerghatta police, are still placed there, as the station is currently surrounded by the goons. The panicked family, has switched off their mobile phones at the behest of the police.

What makes the situation more worse is that the police have still not filed an FIR creating a risk for the family.