Bengaluru: Man arrested for posting wife’s details on dating sites

Bengaluru: Man arrested for posting wife’s details on dating sites

Bengaluru: Unable to resolve issues with his wife, a man from north Bengaluru was arrested for posting his wife’s number on dating sites only to harass her.

The accused is 35-year-old Vinay hailing from North Bengaluru’s Shivamogga District’s Thirthahalli working as a video editor with a private company was recently arrested by the Bengaluru Police.

According to the Police, Vinay who could not resolve issues with his wife took the step to harass her. The couple had been living separately which did not go down well t Vinay. Ever since then he was planning to take harass his wife. He also created a picture of her using Photoshop and allegedly posted it along with her contact no on several dating sites.

His wife was shocked to receive unanimous calls from strangers seeking favours from her and finally approached the Police to investigate the matter.

In another similar case, the Police nabbed a 15-year-old boy who had allegedly created fake profiles of his 10 classmates only to harass the girls for complaining against him.

He posted the girls pictures along with their contact numbers on these fake profiles. The incident came to light after one of the girl’s father took action against the boy complaining him at the Anand Vihar Police Station.

A report published in Indian Express said the girl had been receiving unknown calls and obscene messages from strangers for the past few weeks.

The investigation police later found the somebody has created the girl’s fake profile on popular dating applications.