Bengaluru: Dr Taha Mateen’s Friday sermon

Bengaluru: Dr Mateen says, this is the third week of lockdown in India and we have been living in strange circumstances. Many questions come to our mind. We think of the past and future. This is the time where silence is prevailing everywhere. This is the right time to ponder over the Quran.

Dr Mateen asks us why we are not following the commands of Allah; that He has given to us in the Quran. Why we don’t read the Quran and ponder over the ayats of Allah and try to understand what He wants from us. He quotes the following verses from the Quran where Allah asks the mankind and the mankind has to answer them. He says this the right time to utilize the lockdown period by reading the Quran and pondering over it.

‘Do they not then think deeply in the Quran, or are their hearts locked up (from understanding it). (surah Mohammed, 24).

How lockdown period must be utilised?

Quran raises questions. It challenges you. And these are the questions that you need to think and understand in loneliness – in the silence of the lockdown. That is how our lockdown period must be utilised. The Quran takes us to a strange journey. The Quran makes us to realise as to who we are and how we came into existence.

‘So let man see from what he is created! he is created from a water gushing forth.’ (surah Al Tariq, 5,6).

The man was nothing but a drop of helpless semen. He gradually learnt to crawl, walk and stood up on his own legs and started speaking. When he became a full grown up man he thought he is wise, powerful, independent. He became egoistic. He thought he can do anything and forgot his reality; how he came into existence. He immersed in his own world and started enjoying all things prohibited by Allah. He thought he can control everything through science and technology and can face challenges that come to him. He thought he is the most successful in this world.

Man changed definition of success

Man changed the definition of success. To him success means; wealth, maximizing profit, fun, vacation and cruises. He forgot the life after death. He made his own laws and kept aside the commandments of Allah. When he moved further on to the path of his own rules, he came into conflict between his desires, success and his conscience. And he chose the path of suppressing his conscience and legalizing all illegal aspects of earning wealth and enjoying life. Man is selling weapons by imposing wars between countries and earning huge money. Man, who had come of nothingness, made his own rules and destroyed the whole world and created an imbalance. Poor have nothing to do with this world. This is the world of elites.

Dr Mateen says if we see these things in the light of Quran, it is called corruption or mischief on the earth.

Allah has perished the tyrants like Pharaoh, Shaddad, Namrood, the people of Aad, and the people of Thamood who were spreading corruption and injustice on earth.

Today’s tyrants are also spreading corruption by dividing the nations, religions, races and creeds. They are destroying the world around them. They forgot that somebody is up there, watching them. Allah does not need any special army to remove these tyrants. He perished The People of Elephants, the army of Abraha who invaded Makkah to destroy Ka’ba. Allah just sent thousands of small birds with small pebbles in their beaks who destroyed Abraha’s army.

Dr Mateen says, this is time to ponder on man’s real position in life to understand the Quran in the silence of the lockdown. Success is not the materialistic thing of this earth. It is heaven that we achieve after death. This world is a life of testing. Death is a barrier between this world and the hereafter. Like we left our mother’s womb and enter in to the world, from here we have to move to another world. It is just a smooth transition; it is a journey that we all are moving through. We have to redefine our relationships, we have to redefine our boundaries, we have to understand what is right and what is wrong through the guidance that Allah has given us i.e. The Quran. Irrespective of our knowledge and power, we need to understand that Allah is Omnipotent. No one is stronger except Allah.