Bengaluru: Accountant swindles Rs 1.4 Cr’s to his personal account

Bengaluru: A 39-year-old accountant working with a garment factory is reported as absconding after the factory owner filed a complaint against him for allegedly cheating the factory of Rs 1.4 crore over a period of five years, police said.

The incident is reported from Bengaluru where the accused accountant identified as Pradeep R an employee of Vidhi Clothing Company located in Yelachenahalli and a resident of Jalahalli is on the run said Kumaraswamy Layout police in south Bengaluru, TOI reports.

The firm owner Gautam T Jain filed the complaint against the accountant on Tuesday, alleging that he swindled money into his personal bank account in the form of employees’ salary.

“There were 350 employees working in my factory and Pradeep joined as an accountant in February 2012. He was responsible for disbursing salaries. But he started to make false salary claims for more than the total number of employees since June 2013. He used to place a few sheets of bogus names in the salaried employees’ list, which I failed to notice. Recently, I got to know of the misappropriation and learnt that Pradeep had diverted around Rs 1.4 crore into his personal account,” Jain’s complaint stated.

The incident came to light after the bank manager where Jain’s employees’ salaries are deposited noticed huge funds transferred to Pradeep’s account and informed the owner.

It was after that Jain verified the factory accounts and discovered the fraud.

“We have registered a case of criminal breach of trust, cheating and forgery against Pradeep. We are making efforts to trace and nab him,” police said.