West Bengal: Mentally retarded woman mercilessly lynched and killed

Bengal: People are turning inhuman day by day with lynchings happenings across the country. These horrendous crimes against innocent people are pointing towards the nation’s weak law and order where these offenders are making there own rules own laws and the Government is sitting idle watching them turn into monsters and converting the nation into a big blood bath.

The inhumanity in people is now going beyond tolerance with incidents being reported each day. Such an incident has been reported in Murshidabad district, West Bengal, where an innocent mentally retarded woman was lynched to death after the woman was accused of being a child-kidnapper.

The horrifying pictures show the woman Otera Bibi a 42-yr-old, is tied to a tractor and beaten up. Many people can also be seen circling the woman.

Otera Bibi was mentally retarded and lived with her parents, mistakenly wandered to a nearby village in West Bengal. She was mistaken for a child kidnapper when she stopped by a villager’s house.

The local Dilip Ghosh raised alarm fearing she was a kidnapper and would kidnap his 10-yr-old daughter.

The alarm sparked fear among people who turned into furious mob and lynched her continuously for three hours with sticks and pelted stones at her by tying her to a tractor.

The villagers ripped her clothes, shaved her head and went on lynching her ‘mercilessly’ says a witness in the Mithipur-Panagarh village.

The helpless, scared woman can be seen protesting for being innocent but the nobody took note of her as they could not understand what she was saying.

She was later rushed to Jungpura sub-divisional hospital when Police arrived at the crime scene but she did not survive the merciless torture and lynchings of the mob.

Murshidabad Superintendent of Police Mukesh said: ‘A mob beat up the woman after a rumour spread that she was trying to lift children from the village. We have started investigating the murder case. We are trying to identify the people involved in the lynching as well as those who spread the rumour.’

So far no arrests have been made for the merciless killing.

According to Otera’s parents, she was mentally retarded and would wander off for a day or two but would come back, Daily Mail reported.