Benefits of concept based learning that helps to retain knowledge longer

New Delhi: Concept based learning in contrast to traditional learning focuses on core concepts that foster knowledge and facilitates learning. The traditional methods merely connect students to the source of information which may or may not be retained for a longer period of time, whereas, conceptual learning focuses on making the students understand the core idea so as to retain the information as valuable knowledge which they can apply throughout their lives.

Also known as inquiry-based education, it is built around learners. This methodology promotes open communication based on understanding and respect which encourages students to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners. Such a form of education is holistic in nature that keeps the whole individual in mind along with keeping in concern an individual’s cognitive development, their concern for social, emotional and physical well-being likewise.

A lot of research and development goes into creating these concepts and imparting the same to the students. Concept learning focuses of making sense of facts instead of just stating them. The approach brings complimentary dimensions to thinking and learning. It gives rise to innovation, creativity and better productivity.

Transforming the face of education

A concept-driven education focuses on developing an effective approach to teaching and learning; empowering young people or a lifetime of learning, independently and in collaboration with others and preparing a community of learners that engage with global challenges through inquiry, action, and reflection. Concept based instructions introduces a student to universal rules and engages them in the true process of learning. It helps a student create a connection with their prior experience creating a deeper connect with the understanding of content knowledge which further helps students in responding to their learning with appropriate actions.

Why concept learning?

Listed below are six such benefits associated with concept learning, by Girish Kumar Sachdev, director at Study Vault:

1. Concept learning imparts knowledge and ensures learning with a flexibility that gives it a room for constant improvement. Constant improvement needs research and development into the facts and figures that help keep the concept its edge.

2. It develops students as critical thinkers imparting them with analytical skills to asses a situation or a scenario. The in-depth technique to understand the ‘Bigger idea’ facilitates in establishing an analytical outlook on things and situations.

3. The phenomenon extends beyond studies and helps a student on their personality, outlook and productivity. It includes the behavioural aspect equally much to contributing to the overall problem solving abilities of a student making them confident enough to face and combat challenging situations faced in not just studies but day to day life as well.

4. It adds on not only to a student’s life but also contributes to a professor/mentor’s approach and method of teaching. It contributes to better decision making and orchestrating a practical approach with a maintained consistency of questions and finding solutions to it.

5. A customised approach ensures proper attention towards every individual involved that results in ensured growth of a student and avoid overlooking that is a general phenomenon otherwise. It matures a student’s enabling with a higher level of testing technique.

6. Content always changes but concept remains the same, therefore concept based learning constantly evolves in terms on content but the core idea always remains the same. (ANI)