Benefits of chocolate milk varies according to workout intensities

Washington: Chocolate milk has it all whether it comes to proteins, carbs, sugar or the taste and is also trending with athletes, but a big question arises that is this dairy beverage perfect for everyone in replenishing the energy?

According to Slate, during high intensity workouts muscle proteins break down and glycogen levels deplete by 60-75 percent, however for muscle growth after workout, one need to replenish glycogen and protein that can easily be gained from chocolate milk.

Even trainers suggest their students to take 4 grams of carbohydrates to 1 gram of protein within 30 minutes after workout.

However, workout intensity and duration of workouts determines how much energy is used like high intensity workout such as running stairs, boxing, competitive soccer, where the max heart rate is 80-85 percent burn more calories, whereas low intensity workout such as Pilates, walking, hiking that makes the heart rate reaches to 60-65 percent and burns fewer calories.

Though a less intense workout requires less replenishing and less chocolate milk and instead of this one should go for Blueberries (rich in anti-oxidants and accelerates muscle recovery time), Organe juice (high in potassium and carbs and helps in restoring body fuel levels), Coconut Water (high in potassium and low sodium which is better for low intensity workout) and Water (key to post-workout recovery). (ANI)