To benefit Acid Attack victims LVPEI finds a way

Roshan Bint Raheem

Hyderabad: The LV Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) is all set to start clinical trials to restore the eyesight of victims of acid attack and other chemical accidents.

For the first time in India, a tissue-softening enzyme, Collagenase, will be used to treat burn patients. This enzyme is expected to soften the underlying tissue in the eye, allowing the patient’s own stem cells to repair the damage and restore the eyesight.

It offers hope to almost 5, 00,000 people a year who lose their sight due to burns.

This groundbreaking clinical development was founded by the Research team from Newcastle University UK. The Clinical trial will involve over 30 patients and will be headed by Director of Center for Ocular Regeneration, LVPEI, Dr. Sayan Basu and lead scientist Dr. Vivek Singh.

 These trials are funded by the UK charity Ulverscroft Foundation that supports organizations helping the visually-impaired.

Every year, about two million people worldwide become blind due to corneal trauma, with 1 in every 5 cases caused by chemical burns to the eye.

 Dr. Vivek Singh said, “A successful trial will save time and money in treating patients of burns without need for long–term follow-up.”

The collagenase formulation has already been approved for related therapeutic applications by both the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicine Agency.