Belgavi: Hindutva brigade dances with swords during Ayudha pooja

Hyderabad: A video has emerged on Twitter showcasing members of the Hindutva brigade dancing with swords in their hands to celebrate Ayudha pooja on the streets of Karnataka’s Belgavi, the town where a Muslim boy was recently murdered for being in love with a Hindu girl.

The display and lauding of potentially dangerous weapons proves to be a cause of concern as it could harm or instigate violence and as such carrying them in public is deemed illegal by the Arms Act of 1959.

People in the video are seen wearing saffron clothes, but the organisers responsible for the procession remain unknown. The video also clearly indicates the lack of any COVID-19 protocols.

In the same state, the town of Hiriyadka in Udupi district is witnessing the preparations for Ayudha Pooja and Durga Pooja. However, this time around images on social media hint at guns and machetes being used in the procession.

The video (as well as the photos) are rendered all the more shocking considering the murder of a Muslim man, Arbaaz Mulla by the Ram Sena in Belgavi itself. Arbaaz was brutally murdered on accusations of love jihad for falling in love with a Hindu woman.

Arbaaz’s body was found on the railway tracks with his head and legs chopped off.

In the recent past, Karnataka has witnessed a significant rise in Hindutva violence which specifically affects members of the Muslim faith.

There has so far been no action taken by the Belgavi police as far as the Hindutva procession is concerned. More details are awaited.