Beijing: Man attacks children with knife at school, 20 injured

Beijing: In a rare incident of violence against children in the Chinese capital, a man attacked students with a knife at a primary school in Beijing on Tuesday.

The accused was arrested after the attack in which twenty children were wounded and were taken to the hospital, said the Xicheng district government in a post on its social media account.

The post said that three of them suffered heavy injuries but their condition was stable, posts on social media said the children suffered knife wounds to the head. The Xicheng government did not give other details of the attack.

According to a Reuters witness, about six police cars were parked outside a hospital near the school. Police refused to comment by telephone when questioned about the attack.

There has been a series of knife and axe attacks in China in recent years in which most of the time targeting children. Earlier in January 2017, a man in southern China stabbed 12 children with a vegetable knife to extract revenge for his life not going as he wanted and a dispute with a neighbour. He was executed this month.