Behold, the Humanoid: Mark Zuckerberg’s expressions convince Twitter he is a ‘Robot’

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday was grilled by 44 US senators for more than five hours over the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal. As 33-year-old CEO called on to testify before lawmakers in two sittings and questioned about privacy concerns and propagation of hate speech, Twitter exploded with hundreds of memes.

Some of the users called Zuckerberg’s mannerism robotic, while other compared his chair with a booster seat. Here are some reactions:

A lizard person?

And that extra cushion.

Then there were serious talks.

This is the first time that the Facebook CEO had testified before Congress. Senator John Thune, a Republican from South Dakota, asked Facebook co-founder whether he’s willing to protect political speech from “all different corners.”

Zuckerberg agreed and said: “If there’s an imminent threat of harm, we’re going to take a conservative position on that and make sure that we flag that and understand that more broadly.”