Begging for global investment won’t encourage ‘Make in India’, says Kejriwal

New Delhi, Sept.27 : In an indirect reference to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday said the former “begging” for investment from the world, would not take his “Make in India” project forward.

“Just by travelling across the entire world and begging for investment, I don’t think any country will be investing in India. That’s why we have to focus on ‘Make India’ before ‘Make in India’,” Kejriwal told media here.

“We should first ‘Make India’. If we build the country, then ‘Make in India’ will automatically happen, and people will come here to invest. With ‘Make In India’ concept, I mean that, Indians are the most intelligent people in the world. If we are able to provide quality education, good health services and security, if we are able to invest in infrastructure, if we are able to invest on the skill development of our people, then, I am very much sure countries from the whole world will stand in a queue and will beg to invest in India,” Kejriwal said.(ANI)