Beggars, labourers take Delhi shelter board’s help to tackle cold

New Delhi [India]: With Northern India witnessing chilly winter days for the last couple of days, beggars and labourers are taking help from shelter board in Delhi to fight the cold waves.

Speaking to ANI, a labourer from Assam, Azim, who is currently residing in Yamuna Bazar, said, “We work the entire day in this cold weather and in the night we sit around a bonfire to warm our body.”

Cold weather has intensified in Delhi in the past few days.

Another daily wage worker, Neeraj, a resident of Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur said facilities like blankets and mattresses are given to the people in the night shelters at Kashmiri Gate’s Hanuman Mandir.

“I have been living here for the past one year. I had no place to live but then I got to know about the Delhi shelter board. Since then I have been living here. Facilities like blankets and mattresses are given to the people here. For drinking water a dispenser has been installed,” he added.

He further said that a doctor also visits for a routine check-up every week.

“There is no food facility here but we get tea in the morning,” Neeraj added.

However, the beggars and labourers in Uttar Pradesh’s Ayodhya are facing extreme difficulties in fighting the bone-chilling cold in the region.

Due to the cold weather conditions, there has been a considerable decrease in devotees, making Surya Ghat and Mutt temple in Ayodhya seem deserted.

After fresh snowfall in the higher reaches of Himachal Pradesh, the cold wave has intensified in the northern part of the nation. (ANI)