UP: Beggar turns out to be Crorepati businessman from TN

New Delhi: Amidst the whole Aadhar issue going on in the country, a beggar from UP turned out to be a businessman from TN possessing Aadhar card along with FD’s worth over a crore in.

The beggar caught the attention of Swami Bhaskar Swaroop Maharaj who runs Angroom school when the was searching for food in the school’s compound on 13 December. Swami later took him to his shelter.

The beggar was well fed and given a good haircut but when the helpers were getting him ready to give him bath, they were shocked to find his Aadhar card and FD documents worth over Rs 1,06,92,731 inside his clothes which also revealed he was a rich businessman named Muttaiah Nadar from Tamil Nadu.

The shelter than contacted the family members of Muttaiah and informed them. Muttaiah’s daughter on knowing his whereabouts came to Ralpur town to take her father back to TN who also revealed her father was lost 6 months back during a train journey.

The daughter also alleged that her father apparently lost his memory due to the drugs administered to him reported TOI.