Bees work together to open a Fanta bottle in this viral video

A video of two bees working together to open a bottle of Fanta is going viral on the internet.

In the video, two bees are seen working in concert to open a bottle to get at the sweet Fanta inside.

According to video licensor “Viral Hog”, the moment was captured in São Paulo, Brazil, on 17 May and was shared to YouTube on Sunday.

YouTube video

A woman capturing the moment is heard saying in Portuguese: “The bees teamed up to steal my soda”.

“And they will do it,” she says, before the bees finally lift the cap off the bottle of Fanta, “Look, so smooth….Darn it!”

Twitter users were astonished by the clip, with 3.4 million viewing a video shared by “Buitengebieden” on Tuesday.

One user wrote “They’re here to replace us……”

“Who needs a bottle opener when you can get two bees to do it for you,” another wrote.

Bees are recognised to be intelligent and are often forced to adapt to different environments and sources of food.

To form hives, bees work together and can fly as far away as 5km to find flowers and other sources of nectar, according to The Conversation.

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