Beer company recalls bottles with Muslim Kalima printed on caps

Berlin: A German alcoholic drinks brand, Eichbaum found itself in the midst of a controversy after it after it used the flag of Saudi Arabia on its beer bottles for an upcoming promotion.

The Kingdom’s flag was used by the alcoholic drinks company as part of its FIFA 2018 World Cup promotion, which would be held in Russia later this year.

Since the Saudi Arabia’s flag features the Muslim Kalima, the use of the Kingdom’s flag sparked an outrage and prompted calls for the firm to apologize and issue a notice for recalling the product.
Many Muslims shared the news on social media platforms asking for these bottles to be removed immediately from the shops.

On May 11, both Eichbaum and the German Embassy in Riyadh clarified that brewery didn’t intend to hurt anyone’s feelings and that they had printed bottle caps for all the 32 nations that are participating in the World Cup this year in Russia. They claimed that for many years, Eichbaum has been printing the flags of the participating 32 football nations on its bottle caps on the occasion of the football World Cup.

The company apologized for the unintentional move and said that it is taking measures to withdrawing all bottles containing the offensive material from all markets where it operates. The embassy further said that Germany is home to 5 million Muslims and that they are very much part of its rich and vibrant community.