‘Beef masala’ row: Pak says Indian media trying to inject ‘unnecessary controversy’

Seeking to downplay the controversy over beef masala packets sent as relief to quake hit Nepal, Pakistan on Wednesday accused the Indian media of trying to inject unnecessary controversy into the issue.

“Yesterday, we were asked by the Indian media regarding the inclusion of beef in the food packets that have been sent. It is unfortunate that Indian media has not even spared a humanitarian mission and has, unnecessarily, tried to inject controversy into it,” said Pakistan Foreign Office spokesperson, Tasnim Aslam.

“The Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) is a pre-packed kit of 20 items for a full day’s meals. On each and every packet inside the kit the name of the dish is clearly written in English and Urdu so that people may choose whatever they like to eat or discard. Both the languages are understood in Nepal,” she added.

Aslam further said that the Nepalese authorities found the MREs so effective that they specially requested for a full plane load of MREs on priority. (ANI)