Beef eaters want freedom to insult Hindus: RSS

New Delhi: Against the backdrop of Kerala House beef controversy, an article in ‘Organiser’ has said those insisting on eating cow meat wanted the “freedom to insult Hindus” and have “indirectly silenced sane voices”.

“In the name of freedom to eat food of one’s choice, they are demanding freedom to insult Hindus. Issue for them is not about fundamental right to eat, but the issue is fundamental right to insult the Hindus.

“…These bunch of people who have enjoyed the spoils of power under the Congress Government have indirectly silenced all sane voices,” it said.

The article said, “This pseudo-secular Jamaat has coined new phrases and meanings wherein freedom to eat means freedom to insult. Any reaction is propagated nationally and internationally as intolerance under Modi Government. And the new tag line being ‘Damn the Hindus, Damn the law, we are Secular’.”

The article in the publication brought out by RSS symapthisers said the Kerala House beef curry controversy and the subsequent protests by Chief Minister of Kerala and some other states have shocked the law abiding citizens of the country.

Criticising Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy for calling the Delhi police’s action as highly objectionable, it said Chandy’s protest “was itself illegal and contrary to the letter and spirit of the oath taken by him of upholding the law”.

“In fact, all the Chief Ministers opposing the action of police had overstepped their limits and contravened their oath,” the article said.

Talking about a beef party on the road in Kolkata by a group of demonstrators, it said, “It is against law of the land and the police again seemed to be helpless as usual and in captivity of such rogue elements who leave no opportunity to damn the Hindus”.

“So what if the Hindus respect cow and revere it as their mother, so what if it is illegal to serve beef curry, so what if Article 48 of Constitution directs Government of Bharat to protect cows and make efforts to ban cow slaughter, so what if the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi advocated ban on cow slaughter to be the first law of independent Bharat, we will eat cow meat. Damn the Hindus, damn the law, damn the police,” the article said.

It said if any institution or individual tries to raise a question or protest, “our secular brethren who have received Congress-Communist patronage for the last 60 years since Independence will return their awards, resign from their posts and create an atmosphere in the country that their legitimate, secular voices were being throttled and curbed under the Modi Government”.

“They will further have their international co-conspirators advise Modi government to be more tolerant towards the minorities in Bharat,” the article said.