Beef consumption: why blame only Muslims?

Hyderabad: It has become a common practice of Sangh Parivar and communal elements to link every controversy with Muslims. It’s their strategy to target Muslims for their own vested interest, in which they seem to be successful too. Be it the case of Uniform Civil Code or beef issue Muslims are targeted; and Muslims easily fall prey to their tactics.

It must be noted that Uniform Civil Code and beef consumption are the issues not related to Muslims alone. There are other sects especially those belonging to tribal sects, who are against implementation of Uniform Civil Code. BJP is promising to retain tribal traditions and practices in north-eastern states where tribals are in majority. Similarly BJP openly promises not to impose beef ban in north-eastern states. This exposes the double standard of communal elements and its political party BJP.

Spree of condemnable incidents in which gau rakhshaks are lynching Muslims in the name of cow protection, show that it is being tried to link Muslims with beef though the fact is quite opposite. Hindus consume more beef than Muslims. In tribal areas of each state beef cattle is sacrificed on every big festival. Many renowned personalities in the country openly admitted that they eat beef. A collector of Telangana state recently advised people to consume beef to maintain good health.

In this milieu of beef hate, elders of the community feel that Muslims should act wisely to foil anti Islam and anti-Muslim conspiracies. Instead of getting provoked Muslims should adopt silence with a strategy, then the Dalits, Christians and backward Hindus will themselves stand up in favour of beef and they will fight with the communal elements over this issue. Presently only Muslims are raising voice against beef ban while the percentage of non-Muslim population who consume beef is greater than the Muslims. Communal forces just want to provoke Muslims for their own vested interest.

If we look into the beef consumption data in all the states of India we can realise that the number of non-vegetarians in most of the states is far greater than that of the vegetarians.

In Uttar Pradesh itself, where Yogi’s BJP government has begun movement to target Muslims in the name of closing down illegal slaughter houses, the number vegetarian population is 47 pc as against the 53 pc non-vegetarian population.

Siasat report