Beef company owners are non-Muslims also, but only Muslims are targeted: Malegaon MLA

Nagpur: Beef traders and beef export company owners are non-Muslims also. But only Muslims are targeted by the mob. Taking part in the debate during zero hour in Nagpur assembly on Monday, Malegaon MLA Asif Shaikh Rasheed told that a beef company named Fair has been set up in Malegaon. The project has been started at the cost of 120 Cr but the company is giving jobs to labours from Bengal instead of giving employment to educated youth of Malegaon.

Asif Shaikh Rasheed said whenever it is said that beef factories are of Muslims only. Muslims are killed in the name of beef slaughter and Gau Raksha. He revealed that the owner of the beef company ‘Fair’ is Vijay Pillay, resident of Kerala. Since Malegaon is a Muslim majority area, the owner of the company found it safe hence he established the company there.