Beef ban, debts force farmers to let their cows to die

The Debt-ridden farmers unable to pay off loans and with the slaughter of cattle are illegal, cows being left to die.

Because of the online threat and angers from Sangh Parivar, cow slaughter has come to an end in many North Indian states.

After all, who wants to risk his life?

The strident campaign against cow slaughter targets Muslims; but it is Hindus who are most adversely affected with a total ban on cattle slaughter.

The farmers who are already reeling from bad harvests and ban on slaughter are now forced to push old and unproductive cows to public places.

cow2 cow3

They are simply abandoning their cattle where they die for want of water and fodder.

When they die in large number, they are buried together as seen in this picture.

Neither the Sangh Parivar, nor any cow worshipper comes forward to feed them.