Bebe Rexha slams body-shamers

Washington: Bebe Rexha has a befitting response for those who body shamed her recently.

The American singer called out social media trolls for criticizing weight after she posted a photo of herself from a performance at Cannes, France.

According to People, the ‘Rockabye’ singer, who has always supported body-positive ideas and messages, said, “unless you (trolls) are completely perfect you have no f****** right to talk about anybody else’s body. The hate you breed that stems from Insecurity don’t look pretty on you.”

During an interaction with Fox news, Rexha had previously said she is proud of being sexy and wants to unapologetically embrace her sexuality.

“I think as a woman I’m trying to be unapologetic and embrace my sexuality — and do what I want.

But I still come from a conservative family and I think what it is for me is I love myself and just do what I want because it’s art and that’s what it’s about. I can’t make art just to make everybody happy, I have to make myself happy and that’s what I go by,” she said.